Your job is to fix things, when they break or stuff happens to it.
It is actually quite important, so that the scientist can do their work, which is really important.
But you're not just a janitor, but a cable fixer. The bad guy among the janitors.
Without you, the lab would'nt receive the power necessary for their experiments and research.

I hope you enjoy it and leave a comment :)

A D - Move
Space - Jump
E - Interact
ESC - Restart current level

I had some issues with the keys not working, when I clicked on the fullscreen button. It worked for me after pressing tab once.


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Great little game. The mechanic introduction and the puzzles were very good. :)

A part which I found sometimes difficult was the jumpig. I think a more jump friendly leveldesign would be for a puzzle heavy game better. You want to fail and learn when you try to solve a puzzle but I guess not when you just want to navigate through the world.